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Work For Your Dreams

I am not completely sure I will be going with this story but for my final project I thought of doing a story on rapper/Stony Brook student Dondre. Dondre is a student at Stony Brook who enjoys composing rap music. Dondre works hard everyday to perfect his craft, and has gone so far as to install a studio inside of his dorm room. Continue reading Work For Your Dreams


Look Out Armenia Here Comes Forbes!

According to an article by Chris Roush and published by TalkingBizNews, Forbes magazine will be launching an Armenia edition. 

The popular magazine Armenia venture would make it the 27th international publication to publish in Armenia. Forbes magazine will partner with Media Partners in order to bring the magazine to support its new international venture. Media Partners company, is responsible for publishing 12 issues of the magazine per year and running the forbes.am business portal.

Gagik Yeghiazarian, a graduate of Harvard University and an entrepreneur, will work with Forbes as the editor in chief for the Armenia branch. Yeghiazarian prior to his employment as editor and chief held a variety of senior level positions in both state and international corporations.

In a comment made by Yeghiazarian, he expressed Forbes excitement to reveal through the magazine the “success and talent of Armenian entrepreneurs.” Along with the publishing of some of the top moneymen in Armenia, Forbes Armenia will also publish the Forbes Life magazine and other special editions of the magazine.

Forbes, which is most known for its periodical publication of rankings of the wealthiest, most influential people on the planet, has a 61% male audience and a 39% female audience. According to an article published by Asbarez, Forbes readers are economically active individuals form the ages of 26-45. Usually these readers are CEOs, directors, mid-level managers and entrepreneurs. 

The addition of Armenia, would make Forbes’s 24 international acquisition, with publications in Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Korean, Lativa, Middle East, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine. 

The Armenia edition of Forbes will be released to newsstands in November.