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HLN Heads In An Interesting New Direction

Albie Hecht, network president for HLN, is in Atlanta for a 2-day network meeting with his entire production staff according to an article by MediaBistro.

 Hecht held the meeting in order to discuss the networks next moves. Hecht is planning on turning HLN into a social media network of sorts. 

The network has experienced many staff changes in the recent months to prepare for the networks new direction. Hecht, six weeks after taking over as general manager, canceled Kyra Phillips’ show, “Raising America,” and Ryan Smith’s show “Evening Express.” Hecht said in a memo to his staff, “While change is necessary to evolve HLN, it is also difficult.

Along with Hecht’s layoffs and programming changes there have been other staff changes in the network. EP of Nancy Grace’s show, Dean Sicoli departed from the network. Katherine Greene, former SVP and managing editor of HLN left before Sicoli.

Hecht relayed the pitch to his staff, of turning the network into social media television, on Dec. 3, and followed up the following day by conducting brainstorming session with production teams. HLN employees from New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta joined Hecht at a hotel in Atlanta to discuss further moves.



NYT Spices It Up With Two New Promotions

According to a report by Media Bistro, The New York Times has decided to promote Bruce Headlam and Peter Lattman.

 Headlam has been hired to help the New York Times “expand our video journalism as Managing Editor of Video.” Headlam takes the position after working with the New York Times media desk since 2008. Headlam has been credited with pioneering the New York Times coverage of new media.

 During his time at New York Times, Headlam built a team of reporters with advanced technological knowledge, including David Carr, a media and culture columnist for The New York Times. As apart of Headlam’s new position, he will report directly to the Times’ executive editor, Jill Abramson.

 Headlam will also be in charge of all journalists in the video department. Headlam’s team includes the director of video production, Michael Rubens, who was hired by the Times’ only a few months ago. Ann Derry, editorial director and leader of the Times’ efforts to search for top-notch web content quality. Derry is also looking for chances for the New York Times to work with other news organizations.

 Lattman will work as the Times’ new Media Editor. Lattman originally came to the New York Times from The Wall Street Journal. Lattman began his employment at the times 3 ½ years ago as a reporter for DealBook. His accomplishments include going in-depth on insider trading going on in the government and coverage on the fall of big law firm, Dewey & LeBoeuf.

 Bruce Headlam will also be working with Rebecca Howard, the General Manager of Video Production. Howard joined the Times earlier this year, and since then put together a team of journalist that use creativity to make The New York Times video content more intriguing. Howard has worked on video products such as the recently launched New York Times Minute, and video series such as What’s in It and The Read Around.

 Jill Abramson had nothing but nice things to say about Headlam and Lattman in the memo she posted which announced the Times’ upcoming changes.

Changes will take effect on Dec. 2.