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NYT Launches Today’s Paper Web App

 The New York Times, in a brilliant move, launched a new web app called Today’s Paper on Dec. 5th according to an article published by The Verge.

Today’s Paper will work as a way to bring the daily print edition to tablets and computers. The app is very concise and only offers the articles and sections readers see every day. The app is displayed in a very attractive manner, similar to the papers iPhone and iPad app featured in Newsstand.

The app will be appealing to readers who enjoy reading a daily edition of the paper. It will be beneficial to the readers that enjoy the daily print edition headlines but prefer reading through digital devices. The app is concise, limiting itself to only the articles that make it to the paper each day.

This isn’t the first time the NYT times has introduced something like this. The website has had a “Today’s Paper,” tab placed on the top of the website that provides a list of the headlines that made it to print. The layout could be very difficult to use for inexperienced users and didn’t run too smoothly.

 Today’s Paper will replace a beta web-app that came with a variety of options. The previous beta app included a Today’s Paper option along with a feed of the latest articles, a list of trending stories, and the traditional web view. The app runs for a variety of “devices and browsers,” according to a rep from the NYT. The web app has not been made available for smart phones yet.

This is a huge move for the NYT, as the news ecosystem is changing the desire for digital news is increasing. The simplicity of the “Today’s Paper,” web app is something that will draw in users who don’t wish to deal with the overwhelming amount of news that the website and paper publications offer. Alexandra Hardiman, executive director of mobile products at the NYT, explained to The Verge that “part of what makes the….web app appealing is its simplicity as a stand-alone experience that caters to a particular kind of audience.”


Check out the easy-to-navigate web app here.