Alec Baldwin Loses MSNBC Gig

According to an article published by Page Six, Alec Baldwin and his show “ Up Late With Alec Baldwin,” have been dropped from MSNBC after the actor and former star of “ 30 Rock,” homophobic rant aimed at a photographer for the New York Post.

Baldwin was reportedly on a two-week suspension after yelling at the photographer, calling him a “c-s-ing faggot.” Baldwin’s show was supposed to continue on Friday, but after consideration from MSNBC and Baldwin, the groups decided it was best to cut their losses.

Baldwin’s show premiered on a MSNBC’s Friday 10pm spot in October, and was a success at first. Baldwin started off the show with an interview with Bill De Blasio before his election, which got decent ratings. The show took a down turn though, with his latest interview featuring Debra Winger only raking in 395,000 viewers. 

Baldwin reportedly experienced many confrontations with the MSNBC staff, at one time demanding a humidifier because he claimed the air at 30 Rock was “too dry.” It was also reported that Baldwin argued with staff over a make-up room that was occupied by a woman with cancer who was sensitive to hairspray, screaming “ I don’t give a f—k if she has cancer or not, I want that f—king makeup room.” Baldwin denies both these incidents saying “ I didn’t ask for a humidifier I asked for humidification,” and “ the woman using that dressing room, I was told she’s allergic to some chemical, no one ever ever ever said to me that somebody had cancer, and I never said ‘I don’t give a f—k.”

Because of Baldwin’s many confrontations and the low ratings of the show MSNBC decided it was time to say goodbye. Baldwin’s spokesman Matthew Hiltzik along with a rep for MSNBC were quoted saying, “ We are jointly confirming that ‘Up Late’ will not continue on MSNBC.” The MSNBC rep stressed that the decision to end the show was from both parties saying, “ This is a mutual parting and we wish Alec all the best.”

The decision was probably for the best as Baldwin’s rant against the Post photographer got unwanted attention from gay-rights organizations. Baldwin shoved the blame on these orgs saying, “ They killed my show. And I have to take some responsibility for that myself.”

The show lasted only four episodes.


Piers Morgan has the Ladies Attention

“ Piers Morgan Live,” has never been the most watched program among the nation’s three big cable-news outlets. According to a report by Variety however, his program has a huge amount of female viewers. 

Piers Morgan’s CNN program has an audience that is composed of about 56.4% females. “Piers Morgan Live,” has a higher percentage of female viewers than any other primetime running programs on CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC.

 These results were determined from an analysis of Nielsen ratings, which began at the start of 2013 and went through Nov.11. The study was done by Carat, a media-buying firm. According to the report Piers Morgan’s show increased its overall audience by 7% since the beginning of the year, along with its audience in the preferred demographic by news advertisers, people between the ages of 25 and 54.

Morgan’s show however, doesn’t have the most women viewers. Between Sept. 30 and Oct 27. Piers Morgan had an average of 330,000 women viewing his show. “ The Kelly File,” on Fox News had the highest amount of female viewers between the time period with 1.15 million viewers. Morgan doesn’t have the most female viewers it seems but has a shockingly high concentration of them.

 This information comes in a time where advertisers want to know more about the demographic that makes up the viewership of a specific program. This type of information helps them to know which products they can market to the audience.

Anderson Cooper’s show, “Anderson Cooper 360,” has the second greatest concentration of female viewers under Piers Morgan, with 54.7% of its audience consisting of women.

The specifics of the demographics of these audiences can be used by the advertisers in many ways, how they will be used remains to be seen.

CBS to Indefinitely Suspend Correspondent Lara Logan

According to a story published by The Associated Press, CBS has forced “60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan and her producer to take a leave of absence.

The order was issued on Tuesday after CBS hosted a deep review of Logan’s coverage on the Benghazi raid. According to the report, Logan and the “60 Minutes” team didn’t do a thorough job on checking the validity of the facts from their source, a security contractor who said he was present during the U.S. mission in Libya.

After the review Jeff Fager, the CBS News Chairman and the executive produce of “60 Minutes,” ordered Logan and her producer, Max McClellan, to take a leave of absence. The duration of Logan and McClellan’s suspension has yet to be determined.

Logan’s story on “60 Minutes,” heavily relied on a statement made by a security contractor, Dylan Davies. The story used his account of what happened during the U.S. mission in Libya. Sources say that Davies had informed Logan and CBS that he told his employers he wasn’t there during the mission, which should have served as an indicator on the validity of his testimony.

Davies had filed a report with his employer, Blue Mountain, that he was at his villa on the night of the incident but when confronted by Fager and CBS, Davies told them that he had told the FBI he was.

A week after that, The New York Times reported that Davies told the FBI he wasn’t on the scene at the time of the mission. CBS confirmed this report shortly after and said a correction would be issued.

Al Ortiz, CBS News executive and leader of the review on Logan’s reporting said that the FBI report was “knowable before the piece aired.” Logan and McLellan are being held responsible for not looking into a wider array of sources to ensure the legitimacy of Davies claims.

CJR Gets A New Editor-In-Chief

After a six-month search that started as a budget issue, which resulted in the firing of several staff members, CJR has hired Liz Spayd as their new editor-in-chief.

Spayd replaces Cyndi Stivers, who left CJR to become the editor-in-chief of

According to a report by Capital, CJR’s search for a new editor-in-chief came down to two people. Eric Bates was also considered for the position. Bates was the executive editor of Rolling Stone until they fired him in a response to the troubled advertising environment. Bates also worked for Mother Jones as an investigative editor and is listed as a scholar at the Institute for Public Knowledge, which is a social-research unit at New York University.

The search for a new editor-in-chief was cut short, when Bates decided to take a job at Glenn Greenwald’s news start-up, narrowing CJR’s options.

Both CJR and Spayd are excited about the new acquisition. Steve Coll, Columbia Journalism’s dean that publishes CJR was quoted saying “ We’re very excited about Liz’s arrival and have high hopes that she will lead CJR into a new era of influence and digital adaptation.”

Spayd has high hopes for her new job position and wishes to make a heavy impact saying, “ I hope as we fortify CJR’s mission, we’ll emerge as something of a North Star for those who care about journalism.”

In a memo by Coll on Spayd’s appointment he also thanks Victor Navasky, who co-chaired in the hunt for a new editor-in-chief  “with great wisdom and persistence.”

Snapchat Turns Down Billion Dollar Offers

Snapchat a fairly new app that allows users to send perishable photos and videos has recently been thrown into the social media spotlight.

The 2 year-old app founded by 23 year-old Evan Spiegel, has been receiving much attention from multiple investors, according to a report by USAToday. Facebook has offered the young owner $3 billion  for the app but was refused because the company wishes to continue exploring its options.

Facebook attempted to make the move on Snapchat in a time where the value of social media is coming to light, with Twitter recently going public with a market capitalization of nearly $25 billion.

Facebook, who recently acknowledged the reduction of teenage activity on the social media site, could be looking to purchase Snapchat based off its high teenage user percentage. This wouldn’t be the first time that Facebook has acquired a popular app. Last year Facebook purchased Instagram, for $1 billion. Instagram is another app that is wildly used by young people around the world.

Facebook is not the only one interested in purchasing Snapchat. According to a  report by The Verge, suggests that Google was interested in purchasing Snapchat at one point, offering the young company $4 billion. Reports indicate that Spiegel turned to Google for “strategic investment,” but in the end decided to pass on both Facebook and Google. If Google had acquired Snapchat, they planned to keep it as a standalone app much like Facebook to Instagram.

Snapchat was also offered an investment with China’s Tencent Holdings which valued the start-up at $4 billion.


Twitter and Facebook among the top sources for news on social medial

According to an article by USAToday, based off a study by the Pew Research Center, released Thursday, Facebook and Twitter are taking over the social media news industry.

The Pew Research Center along with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation took a deep look at the amount and characteristics of news consumers on 11 different social networking sites. Among the sites were Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, Myspace, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

52 percent of Twitter users use the site for news, and 47 percent of Facebook users use the website to receive news. Reddit beat out both Facebook and Twitter, with 62 percent ofits users accessing the website for news related purposes.


Even though a higher percentage of Reddit users use the site for news Facebook reaches a higher amount of Americans with 64 percent of Americans using the site, and 30 percent of them acquiring news on it. Reddit is only used by three percent of U.S. adults, but two percent of Americans use it for news. Twitter is used by 16 percent of Americans, with 8 percent of Americans using it for news.


The research study also showed the audience overlap of social media users, the demographics of social news consumers, and the relationship between the consumers and other news platforms like radio, broadcast, and print.

Pew conducted the survey interviewing 5,200 people from Aug. 21 to Sept. 2, 2013

NPR Morning Edition

NPR features an option on its website where a visitor can listen to a radio news program. The program I chose to listen to was the “Morning Edition.” The “Morning Edition” features world news on various topics. The program serves as an in-depth analysis on the current events happening around the world and plays out much like a Tv broadcast without the pictures. NPR uses several reporters to keep their listeners updated on what is going on. The radio program also uses audio clips from sources and other individuals involved in the story. NPR also provides listeners with alternative ways to get the news they report through different social media outlets. I am least familiar with radio news. Being a victim of the World Wide Web, I get most of my news from official news websites or blog posts. Radio news has the advantage of a person speaking slowly and clearly to you, which can help give an individual more understanding on the issue being reported. Listening to NPR radio was a unique experience because I am not use to it. I enjoyed it because I was able to do other things while the radio program was going on, with news websites and blogs I find that most of the time my attention is completely devoted to the words. Even though I enjoyed it, I don’t think it is something I’ll continue to listen to as I feel I learn more from reading rather than listening.