Work For Your Dreams

I am not completely sure I will be going with this story but for my final project I thought of doing a story on rapper/Stony Brook student Dondre. Dondre is a student at Stony Brook who enjoys composing rap music. Dondre works hard everyday to perfect his craft, and has gone so far as to install a studio inside of his dorm room.

When he isn’t rapping in his dorm room, he’s writing down raps or looking for ways to buy time at an official studio. As a college student with no solid income, Dondre thinks of many ways to make money. The story would surround not only his passion for music but the different methods he uses to try and make money to pay for studio time. Some of Dondre’s fundraising tactics include cutting hair and designing art for students on campus. Dondre has put out mixtapes and videos and works hard everyday to achieve his dream.

By Steven Thomas


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